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Description Performance
Points Scored in Week 38:
Overall Points Scored This Season:
Overall Ranking: 0
Weekly Ranking: 0
weeks Played: 38
Average Points Per week: 0.00
Current Team Value: £0
Change In Team Value: £0
Here is the currently selected team and full performance to date of , as it stood on the completion of Week 38. All scores have been processed and verified to be correct up until the publishing of results for the latest completed Week of play.


week : 38
Season 2013-14 expanded stats breakdown:

Welcome to EPL Dream Team

  • Welcome to the 2013-14 EPL Dream Team competition;
  • Register to play and start selecting your team immediately;
  • Use this Help & Game Information sections to get quick tips, all of the game rules and details, as well as the most frequently asked questions about the competition.
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Game FAQs

Q: What is the EPL Dream Team competition? A: EPL Dream Team is a FREE fun and exciting interactive fantasy competition, the premise being simple. You'll get the opportunity to take part in the EPL Dream Team Season as Manager and selector by entering your very own "fantasy team".

You select real players, and based on their real, actual performances each game week, your team scores points according to each of your selected players' stats. Your team is then ranked against your friends/relatives within your own league/s and against players in your state, those that support the same team and everyone else playing in the EPL Dream Team competition.

The EPL Dream Team competition offers plenty of interactivity. Make the tough decisions as to who plays in your starting line-up and who sits on your bench, trade players, and lots more.

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